Have you found your passion?

Each of us is born with at least one special gift. For some it might be musical ability or for others a facility for languages. While artistathletes work hard to achieve greatness, they are usually equipped with special aptitudes or physical attributes conducive to their sport.

My friend Gail is skilled at crafts and artwork. Perry is also a talented artist while Terry loves tennis and is really good at it. Others excel at golf. My husband is a wizard with numbers while I can’t add anything with more than two digits.

All my life I’ve observed and envied people who have found what they love to do and do it well. I’ve tried many things over the years and as I enter life’s third trimester I’m still searching for that elusive something. Over the course of mining for my passion I’ve spent a scary amount of money pursuing what I hoped would be “my thing”. What I learned is that the amount of money expended is not directly proportional to the pleasure derived.

In my 30’s I was sure that if I bought a good tennis racket, the proper shoes and a cute outfit, I would soon be challenging Chrissie Everett. Instead, I discovered that I’m not the least bit competitive and couldn’t care if I hit the ball or not. When I acquired my grandmother’s piano, I was sure after a few lessons I would be pounding the keys like Jerry Lee Lewis. Never happened. Buying a lovely down-filled Ditrani ski suit and the ski equipment failed to make me love standing at the top of a hill freezing my knockers off. I’ve tried oil painting, pastels and watercolours. Pilates? I fell off my exercise ball and split my chin open. Yoga? Couldn’t get the breathing straight–I was always inhaling when I should have been exhaling and exhaling when I should have been inhaling. And running hurts my brain with all that pounding.

golfer1I’ve taken golf lessons and tennis lessons. Most of my girlfriends love golf and have encouraged me to get involved and have convinced me I’m obviously missing something. I find it excruciatingly boring. After three holes I’m ready to slit my wrists. It’s hard to be passionate about something you’re not good at and I want my natural aptitudes to kick in and make me a passionate participant immediately. Is that asking too much? Where oh where can my passion be? Is there a test I can take?

One thing I am sure of is that there is nothing I would rather be doing than reading a book, a magazine, a newspaper or even the reading3French side of a cereal box. Words upon words linked together satisfy me like nothing else, except maybe a pot of tea and brownies. But it’s such a passive use of time that I feel “underemployed”. I can’t shake the guilt feelings when I spend an afternoon engrossed in a book or culling my pile of magazines. My inner voice keeps reminding me I should be doing something more productive, like running half-marathons, upping my heart rate in a Zumba class or at the very least doing my kegels.

Blogging satisfies my urge to write though I can’t imagine ever writing a novel. Dialogue, characters and plot are not my forté. But blogging requires no prearranged show-up time, special clothes or financial outlay. I do it to clear my head of mental clutter. No deadlines. No editors. No agents. No explanations. Just me, my keyboard and those wonderful people who chose to follow what I have to say.

I’ll never be competitive, athletic or particularly productive. But I think my passion lies in enjoying what I never had time for during my working life when I was constantly required to be competitive and productive. I’m passionate about my relationships with the people in my life. I’m a passionate and voracious reader. And I’m passionate about blogging. There’s nothing I would rather be doing than reading and writing.

Have you found your passion? Is it community work, spirituality, entertaining, gardening? Enjoy your gift. We all have at least one.

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7 years ago

I happened across your blog yesterday and am thoroughly enjoying your posts even where we differ in our Boomer expectations (I’m more likely to want space for many bookcases than clothes, handbags and shoes). Finding one’s passion isn’t always obvious or easy but I think you’ve found yours with writing as well as reading. I discovered my passion back in the 1980s….family history. I’m bored by just names and dates but making discoveries about ancestral lives ….now that has kept me enthral led for nearly 30 years and not infrequently saved my sanity from the demands of daily life and… Read more »

Susan Duke
Susan Duke
8 years ago

Your forte is exactly what you are doing. Expressing yourself with not only words but knowledge. You are doing a wonderful job at it. Think of yourself as a reporter who is able to investigate and report back to your readers. Well done…… keep up the good work.

8 years ago

You write beautifully, Lynda. It’s fun to read your postings.

Lynda Davis
8 years ago
Reply to  jacquie

Thanks so much!!!

  Lynda Davis Follow my blog at: http://www.boomerbroadcast.net

e-mail: lyndadavis1@yahoo.ca

8 years ago

Just think of all the things you have tried though. That in itself is pretty cool!

I am like you in a way, I think I have found my passion (writing) but I am not sure yet. I don’t like to consider it a passion yet.

Lynda Davis
8 years ago

Judging from your blog, you’re on your way – you’re getting it down! That’s a start and that’s huge. Just keep going.

8 years ago
Reply to  Lynda Davis

Thank you for your encouraging words! 🙂
It’s tough to get going, but once you do it’s definitely worth it!

8 years ago

I think I have too many! 🙂

Lynda Davis
8 years ago
Reply to  clothedwithjoy

An abundance of blessings.