Still life with bread crumbs finally came to life

After being so totally entralled with Anna Quindlen’s non-fiction Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake I couldn’t wait to read her latest fiction book, Still Life With still lifeBread Crumbs.

The story centres around Rebecca Winter, a divorced 60-year-old photographer whose work has made her a recognizable name over the years. The book’s title is the title of her most famous photograph. As sales of her work diminish along with her bank account, she sublets her comfortable Manhattan apartment and moves to a furnished rural cabin with an absentee landlord. The outcome is a sort of re-birth for Rebecca.

I was fully half-way through the book before I finally got into it. The first half was a bit boring and I couldn’t understand why it had become a best-seller. I attributed its success to riding on the coat-tails of her earlier books. Then, all of a sudden it picked up momentum and I was totally into it. I’m still not sure why it’s best-seller-worthy but it is ultimately a good read and I’m glad I stuck it out.

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