More than 3 million Canadians spend the winter months in #Florida contributing in excess of $4 billion annually to local economies.   censorship1 It seems we’re still considered suspect, however, because Canadian television news is something the U.S. satellite and cable service providers will not provide. In Canada, we get NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN – you name it – all the American news channels are available through our local satellite, internet and cable services. But the reverse is not possible in the United States.

I’ve contacted #Comcast in Florida on numerous occasions only to be ignored. I’ve contacted the #CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission), individual television stations and networks and I keep running up against a brick wall called something like, “It’s against regulations”. Is Canadian content something to be feared? Are American service providers afraid of its citizens hearing another point of view?

I’ve tried various on-line programs to access real-time Canadian news programs and they’re all blocked by Comcast.cbc1 We’d even be willing to pay a premium for direct feeds from #CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), #CTV, #Global or #CITY TV. All we want to do is watch the snow plows on Highway 400 north of #Toronto – it makes us appreciate our Florida homes even more.

For mature audiences only. Not available in U.S.A.
# For mature audiences only. Not available in U.S.A.

I remember campaigns on TV in the 50s and 60s soliciting support for “Radio-Free Europe” to enable iron curtain countries to access western media. Here we are in 2013 soon to be 2014 and we need a campaign to allow Canadians to access Canadian TV live in the United States. Access is available to BBC and other foreign countries, even Al Jazeera but not CBC. Surely this is fixable.  Is anyone listening who can help?

Lynda Davis

As an early Baby Boomer, born in 1947, it seems to me that as we approach our retirement years, Boomers have gone from being the energy driving our nation to slowly becoming invisible. We risk losing our identity as society remains stubbornly youth-centric. And the irony is that Gen Xers and Ys are not the majority; we are. BOOMERBROADcast is my platform for being the voice of Baby Boomers, women in particular. We've generated a lot of changes over the decades but there's still a long way to go. After a 40-year career in the corporate world, I've taken up expressing the observations and concerns of our generation. Instead of pounding the pavement in my bellbottoms with a cardboard sign, I'm pounding my laptop (I learned to type on a manual typewriter and old habits die hard). If you have issues or concerns you would like voiced or have comments on what I've voiced, I'd love to hear from you. We started breaking the rules in the sixties and now that we're in our sixties it's no time to become complacent. Hope you'll stay tuned and if you like BOOMERBROADcast, share it with your friends. Let's rock n' roll! If you would like to be notified whenever I publish a new posting, click on the little blue box in the lower right of your screen that says +Follow→ Lynda Davis

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