We had hope . . .

With the 50th anniversary of the death of President Kennedy approaching, I can hear all kennedythe Gen X’ers, Y’ers and Millenials moaning, “We don’t care that you can remember what you were doing when you heard that Kennedy had been shot.”

Well, it changed our lives forever which is a fairly significant event. What if he’d lived? Think of the possibilities. Our lives might be quite different today. He was just getting started on a seismic shift in societal attitudes that only began with civil rights.

Our response? We don’t care that you don’t care. We care. Back then we had hope – which is a far cry from the sad state of affairs our politicians are offering today.

P.S. Ironically, I was in Grade 11 history class when the Principal knocked on the door to announce to our teacher what had happened. Where were you, fellow Boomers? Add it to the “Comments” section below. We’re interested. Thanks.

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Margaret Dickson
10 years ago

A very important event and here in the US the newspapers are covering it as well as the TV networks. Believe it or not the front page of the Charlotte Sun “Wire” today has Rob Ford!!!

Lynda Davis
10 years ago

Thanks for the update. – we’re all so gosh-darned proud of our mayor.

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