Dear John:

John Doyle’s column in the arts section of The Globe and Mail ( is always interesting because he reviews television and I like television – at least some of it. And I love John because his tastes seem to align with my own so obviously we’re both very clever and perceptive people. Today’s column (Tuesday, September 10, 2013) particularly struck a chord because he mentioned some of my solid dislikes and likes – Judge Judy, Dr. Phil and Katie Couric being the former and Bethany Frankel in the latter.

Bethany Frankel
Bethany Frankel

I watched part of the launch of Bethany’s new talk show yesterday and while I enjoy her candidness and sharp wit, I found the show a bit too high energy in a forced kind of  way and irrelevant. I am a BOOMERbroad after all. I will stay tuned, however, as I know that, like my blog it will get better as time goes on. We’re rooting for you Bethany and as always,


Love, Lynda

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