Dear Mr. Gates: It’s me again, Lynda, for the umpteenth time

Obviously I'm directing my letters to the wrong person as Bill Gates hasn't returned any of my emails. Dear I.T. God-in-heaven, whoever you are, I'm at my wit's end. Trying to manage my I.T. issues is the single largest source of stress in my life (I know, relatively speaking I'm blessed, but still . . .).  You would think that after all these years, technology would be getting simpler not more complicated. I'm convinced my hair loss, weight gain and skin rashes are entirely the result of the stress from…

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Another blow for womankind

My transition from hip, cool Baby Boomer to doddering old lady has been marked by a series of horrifying incidents. The first was when the child in the ticket booth at the movie theatre sold me a senior's ticket without my asking, and despite the fact that I am obviously barely old enough to drink legally. Then, there was the time the lady at Shoppers Drug Mart gently suggested I might qualify for their seniors' discount. The latest blow to my fragile ego came this week when I purchased a…

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