The September issue has arrived

What Baby Boomer girl doesn't remember the excitement during the fifties and sixties, when the new Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer Eaton's and Simpson's catalogues arrived? Growing up in a small town where we were lucky to make it to Peterborough a couple of times a year, those thick, delicious catalogues offered glimpses of clothes, shoes, jewelry and toys most of couldn't afford but dreamed of possessing. We would endlessly pore over the pages of the latest fashions, planning wardrobes we would never own, but it was fun to fantasize. My girlfriends…

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Not fooled by vanity sizing

There is no way on earth I'm a size 6, despite the fact that my Not Your Daughter's Jeans and Club Monaco summer pants bear a label that says I am.  Blame it on a sly marketing technique called vanity sizing.  That's when clothing manufacturers cheat a bit by lowering the size number to make buyers feel better and more likely to purchase. At the present time I weigh 10-15 lbs. more than I did in my heyday yet I'm two sizes smaller than 30 years ago? Math is definitely…

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