Today’s lesson for Boomers. . . 1 + 1 = 1

Math has never been my strong suit. I'm a consistent 20% tipper in restaurants because it's easier to calculate 20% than 15% in my head (and because I was a waitress a long time ago, so I appreciate the value of tips to servers). But, as baby boomers age, we realize that it's easier to get through life with two people than it is with one. I was single for ten years before I married for the first time and spent seventeen years between husband number one and number two,…

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Mugs, toilet paper and other forgettable things

Aging Boomer brains, like aging computers inevitably experience system faults. It takes longer to boot up, the RAM and ROM seem seriously deficient, unfamiliar viruses are compromising the hard-drive and the memory seems slow to respond, overloaded or just plain frozen. And no amount of head-banging, foot-stomping and swearing seems to resolve things. I've recently developed a coping mechanism for this latter problem (memory), however, which is so effective I've decided to share. We've all experienced walking into a room to get something then can't remember what we came for.…

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It is written, therefore it is . . . retained

Albert Einstein was once asked a simple question for which he did not have the answer. The world-renowned genius' response was, "I don't clutter my head with things that can be found in a book.".  I knew there was a reason that story has stayed with me. And I certainly don't clutter my head with anything I can do without. The journal Psychological Science reports that tests on university students who hand-wrote their class notes instead of typing them on a laptop had better retention of what they were learning.…

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