Thoughts on a trip to the mall

It's a rare occurrence when I visit one of the local shopping malls that I come home empty-handed. In fact, when I do leave without purchasing anything I feel rather virtuous and self-satisfied having once again narrowly escaped the sirens' call. Giant, shiny shopping malls that sprang up in the suburbs across the country in the last few decades are modern cathedrals—a holy gathering place where humble worshipers go to deify the goddesses of consumerism. The bright window displays of the latest fashions draw us in and tempt us to…

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Are men really born to shop?

My girlfriends and I have a strict and effective shopping protocol. We shop alone or if we do go to the mall possee-style, we immediately split up for the serious stuff and reconnoiter later for lunch. It's not a complicated system and there's no room for men in this picture. Before my honey and I were married we went into a jewelry store to pick out my Christmas present (you do things like that before you get married). He immediately started shuffling his feet, yawning and jiggling the change in…

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