Who do you love most?

Valentine's Day prompted me to reflect on the gift of love. Most of us give and receive love from family members, friends or a life partner which helps us cope with the ups and downs of life. One of the pitfalls of love when we're young is the tendency to focus so much of our devotion on our new love that we lose ourselves in the process. It's a relationship hazard stemming from lack of experience. After you've done this once or twice, you get smart and realize you're actually…

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All you need is love

Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to communicate our love to those individuals who make our lives special. It can, however, be an isolating time for singles. As someone who was single for ten years before I got married the first time and for seventeen years before marrying the second time, I have some experience in this department. This is just a reminder to remember not only your partner this weekend but all the other people in your life you love. A phone call, a hug, an e-mail, take someone…

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Reflecting on what might have been

So much of what happens in our lives turns on the smallest decisions we make along the way. When confronted with a fork in the road we often givefork in the road little thought to whether we go left or right but even the most simple decisions can dramatically affect the course of our entire lives. Or, as often happens (more…)

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