TWICE . . . we found a prize inside

If it's true things happen in threes, then I hope our lottery tickets are the next big win. Twice this week we've been the recipients of unexpected prizes, or more accurately surprises inside something we brought home. The first could require some 'splainin' by my husband but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt about how this gift came about. He took his car in to get some work done. The shop needed a few days so he was sent to Enterprise to pick up a rental. Coming home…

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Have you checked out McDonald’s lately?

Big things are happening under the golden arches and it started with McCafĂ© and quality coffee to challenge Tim Hortons. I first experienced the change a few weeks ago when I encountered a large touch-screen kiosk to place my order. And, standing beside it was a real live attendant to assist this old boomer as I navigated the new technology. Not easily fooled, I quickly concluded this was just another version of printing my own boarding pass at the airport—get the customer to do the work by reducing the personal…

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