It’s time up and time out for my cell phone

You'd better sit down before I say this as I don't want the shock to induce a coronary issue in any of my special Boomerbroadcast friends. I rarely use my cell phone. It's true. Survival in today's world is possible without the electronic appendage that's become so vital and addictive in everyday life today. I have a 'lite' phone plan from Zoomer Wireless (affiliated with CARP) that costs only $18.31 per month including taxes. I can text—if I knew how. It takes messages—if I knew how to set my voice mail…

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Want to get inside Lucy Barton’s head?

After waiting many weeks to download My Name is Lucy Barton by Pulitzer prize-winning author Elizabeth Strout, I finally received the book from the library the other day—and read it in an afternoon. At less than two hundred pages it was a quick read but most of the context involved reading between the lines. Written in the first person, Lucy describes a lengthy hospital stay in New York City resulting from complications during a routine operation for appendicitis. Her two young daughters are taken care of at home by their…

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