Got a problem? Get an enemy.

It's a page right out of The Handbook for Dictators. When you're in deep doo-doo, find someone else to blame. It's an effective distraction tactic as old as time itself. When you sleep in and are late for work, blame traffic. Stalin blamed the intelligentsia and packed them off to Siberian labour camps when things didn't go his way. Hitler wrongly blamed the Jews and other minorities for all Germany's problems. We know how tragically that turned out. During the Cold War, the United States blamed communism for the world's…

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Bringing the world to your doorstep

Can't find an obscure item in the mall or hardware store, or perhaps you're just feeling lazy and don't feel like putting your face on to go out in public? Or, maybe what you're looking for isn't available in Canada.  Technology has brought us down the yellow brick road to a wonderful place called on-line shopping. Our love affair with on-line shopping has hurt bricks and mortar retailing stores but damn, it makes life so much easier. And with the poor customer service offered in many retail establishments, it's no…

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E-book readers to be reimbursed

As an avid reader, I was one of the first to purchase a Kindle e-reader when they originally launched several years ago. The benefits seemed obvious—fewer hard copy books to overwhelm my limited bookshelf space, easy access from my LaZgirl and most important, less expensive than paperbacks. That illusion was soon shattered when Amazon's original $9.99 price tag began creeping up to $14.99, $16.99 and even higher. Apple threatened to not carry the publishers' titles on iTunes if publishers didn't squeeze Amazon to match iTune's prices. In simple language, Apple…

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