Yes, my fresh seasonal cherries were expensive, but I’m worth it!

At our age, we deserve the best.

Several years ago when I was visiting my parents I noticed an expensive jar of imported British marmalade on their kitchen table for breakfast. This is significant because they were both raised in The Depression and like their entire generation were exceptionally frugal in their spending habits. When I commented on the expensive marmalade my dad replied with an edge of defiance “We like it!”. End of discussion.

Now that I’m in my seventies, I too am finding I’m entitled to buy whatever kind of food item I want, without much regard for the cost. That doesn’t mean I now do all my grocery shopping at Whole Foods; I’m not that reckless.

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I stepped outside my preferred reading genre to see what all the fuss was about

When an author has captured four spots on the current New York Times ten best-sellers’ list, then I figure it’s about time I read one of her books. Colleen Hoover must be a good writer to achieve this incredible accomplishment. Right? The problem for me is her genre. While I do enjoy a good suspense novel from time to time, I am not a fan…

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I’m really milking this old lady/senior thing

My deception started innocently enough. Well, truthfully, it was not really a deception as I really am an old lady and senior citizen. The thing is, I’m discovering all kinds of ways to work my age into everyday advantages. When I need help with my electronic devices (which happens way too frequently) I find I get much better service if I fake an old lady’s…

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Still living the COVID life and liking it

Now that we’ve pretty much fully eased back into our pre-Covid lifestyles, I have a confession to make. I am still practising COVID behaviours about 95 % of the time. The reason is simple; it agrees with me and I rather like the slower pace and other lifestyle changes. Most people are thrilled to be back on the golf course, the tennis and pickleball courts,…

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What would happen if I torched all my tech?

As a baby boomer, I am old enough to remember life before cell phones, WiFI, computers, even electric typewriters. Like taking a drug or some kind of medication, there is always a side effect or downside to the benefits of using these so-called life-saving inventions. Five of my tech devices crapped out this week. The inconvenience and stress associated with sorting out the problems are…

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Instagram is spying on my love life

I have recently decided to join the twenty-first century and dabble in Instagram, and quite honestly, I wish I had never started. I rarely share personal information or pictures on Facebook or IG. I only signed on to hopefully expand the readership of my blog, BoomerBroadcast and covertly snoop on other people. Instagram and Facebook have now become my prime sources of fashion inspiration since…

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