Sirius . . . we have a problem

Once upon a time I thought paying fifteen dollars a month for a radio subscription was an absurd and wasteful idea. Then we purchased a vehicle that included six months of free access to commercial-free Sirius XM satellite radio and I became a convert—to the extent we now have three accounts, one for each vehicle and one for the house so I can pick it up on my iPad with a Bluetooth speaker. Being able to drive anywhere in North America without having to switch stations in search of a…

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My husband caught me cheating

There are certain things a husband/partner just doesn't need to know. Like how much time you waste on Facebook every day or the real price of that lovely sweater you bought a couple of weeks ago. Personal bank accounts were invented for that specific reason—yours, mine and ours—which allows for a level of privacy (mine) along with sharing (yours and ours). A certain amount of deception is critical to a harmonious relationship. One of my girlfriends has been substituting soya milk for real milk in recipes for years and her…

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