E-book readers to be reimbursed

As an avid reader, I was one of the first to purchase a Kindle e-reader when they originally launched several years ago. The benefits seemed obvious—fewer hard copy books to overwhelm my limited bookshelf space, easy access from my LaZgirl and most important, less expensive than paperbacks. That illusion was soon shattered when Amazon's original $9.99 price tag began creeping up to $14.99, $16.99 and even higher. Apple threatened to not carry the publishers' titles on iTunes if publishers didn't squeeze Amazon to match iTune's prices. In simple language, Apple…

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Trump’s playing to the lowest common denominator . . . the non-thinkers

We've all been watching the bizarre reality side-show runup for presidential candidates in the United States and it's getting scarier every day. I've resisted commenting on a political situation in which I have no say, but the results could have major implications for Canada. With the leading Republican candidate promoting building border walls (shades of East/West Berlin and the Iron Curtain), halting immigration (despite the fact two of his wives have been immigrants) demolishing free trade and reinstituting discrimination and racism, we have the potential for having a very nasty…

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