Both my left and right brain say ‘go for it’

Leah Eichler's article in The Globe and Mail on Saturday, August 15th  entitled Should coding be compulsory for kids? got me thinking. Is this another flavour-of-the-month idea along the lines of learning Mandarin? There are plenty of "tiger parents" out there who will do anything to ensure their young geniuses acquire whatever skills are necessary to give them a leg-up in the academic and eventually the business world. Is learning how to code one of those hair-brained ideas that will soon die on the vine to be replaced by new-newer-newest…

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Trainwreck is LOL

trainwreckAmy Schumer is right on track with her new movie Trainwreck. Unfortunately I missed the first fifteen minutes of the movie because I walked into Theatre 3 which started earlier than Theatre 6, where I should have been. Old ladies are prone to these bouts of confusion. I’ve been watching her Tuesday night show on the Comedy Channel and love her humour.

Trainwreck is a semi-autobiographical satire of Schumer’s own dating experiences. She’s (more…)

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Buy it now. Hot off the press, literally!

When I opened this morning's Globe and Mail (Saturday, July 4, 2015) and started browsing the various sections, my heart lifted when I saw the full-page picture of the intelligent and frankly-spoken Iris Apfel on the cover of Globe Style. I've long been an admirer of the ninety-three-year-old's fashion sensibilities and overall opinions. (Click here for previous blog postings: Iris Rocks.) This week's articles tickled my fancy like no other in a while. For those of you who care about how you look and have even a passing interest in…

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The age of acquisition, too much of a good thing

The other day a friend mentioned that she was having a hard time picking out a new washer and dryer because of the profusion of choices available. It was all so confusing—front loader, top loader, steam feature, stacking, pedestal? Then there are the hundreds of models, manufacturers, price options and warranty issues to sort out. In a less costly version of the same scenario, I stood in front of the hair conditioner section in the drug store the other day and felt faint when confronted with hundreds of bottles of…

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