Dear Mr. Gates: It’s me again, Lynda, for the umpteenth time

Obviously I'm directing my letters to the wrong person as Bill Gates hasn't returned any of my emails. Dear I.T. God-in-heaven, whoever you are, I'm at my wit's end. Trying to manage my I.T. issues is the single largest source of stress in my life (I know, relatively speaking I'm blessed, but still . . .).  You would think that after all these years, technology would be getting simpler not more complicated. I'm convinced my hair loss, weight gain and skin rashes are entirely the result of the stress from…

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Tech issues . . . they’re killin’ me

The purpose of this posting is to perhaps save you from wasting as much time as I have on technical issues related to my computer. My never-ending struggle to stay abreast of developing technology is the single largest source of stress in my retired old lady life. In previous blogs I've documented my difficulties with software help lines , Netflix, Chromecast, Toshiba and others . What should be a simple improvement always turn into a nightmare as I struggle to install and operate the latest gadget. This time it was…

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