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What Baby Boomer girl doesn't remember the excitement during the fifties and sixties, when the new Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer Eaton's and Simpson's catalogues arrived? Growing up in a small town where we were lucky to make it to Peterborough a couple of times a year, those thick, delicious catalogues offered glimpses of clothes, shoes, jewelry and toys most of couldn't afford but dreamed of possessing. We would endlessly pore over the pages of the latest fashions, planning wardrobes we would never own, but it was fun to fantasize. My girlfriends…

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Do ‘ya read me good buddy?

Have we really come a long way baby? About 40 years ago, in the olden days before cell phones, we had the CB radio. Remember them? My first husband was a bit of a zealot and installed one in our car and our boat so he could keep in touch with his guy friends while on the move. Popular with truckers, CBs were the communication link  that allowed them to inform their good-buddies of their exact “20” (location) and other seemingly vital daily minutia.

CB users had their own idiom with secret codes and abbreviations for various common expressions. Chatting to each other when driving to the cottage or boat, CB’ers would warn of “Smokies” (police) so the smokeyfollowing car could avoid radar or at least slow down. Many of them set these radios up in their homes to listen and chat with others at any hour. I thought it was embarrassingly juvenile, like little boys playing with walkie-talkies. This, despite the fact a hugely successful movie, Smokey & The Bandit starring Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason also starred a CB radio in a leading role used to facilitate the smuggling of beer.

Fast-forward to 2013 (more…)

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