Don’t get sick or hurt traveling outside of Canada

Now that baby boomers are reaching the age of retirement, many are choosing to escape Canada's crappy winters and migrate to Florida, Arizona and other sunny climates for a few weeks or months each year. We're taking boat cruises, visiting Europe and doing all the things we didn't have the time or money for during our working years. Notwithstanding "pre-existing conditions", we buy our out-of-country health insurance and off we go. Buyer beware. What happens when we're in a car accident, develop intestinal problems or suffer a stroke or heart…

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Help! My scarves are choking me.

The inscription on my tombstone will be simple:  She finally quit complaining about her hair. She was organized. As a young girl and even later as a teenager, I never had a messy bedroom. My bed was made every morning. My single bottle of Evening in Paris and two bottles of Cutex nail polish were neatly lined up on my "roxatoned" dresser. My spartan wardrobe was carefully organized on hooks behind my bedroom door (the house was built in the 1880s and had no closets). In the late sixties when…

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Avoid these 6 fashion mistakes

Who am I to be offering fashion advice! Boomer gals have always been told "If you wore it once before, you can't wear it again". That's the beauty of listening to us—we've been there at least once, made our share of mistakes and are happy to dispense fashion advice to anyone who will listen. So, if you're willing to listen, I'm going to share six fashion mistakes I've made over the years and strongly suggest you not repeat them. Jumpsuits or rompers: Several decades ago, an old boyfriend gave me…

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The girlfriend grapevine is constantly growing

When girlfriends are on to a good thing, we share. If we find flattering jeans that fit our Boomer bodies, we tell everyone we know where to get them at the best price. We share recipes, the names of our favourite underwear brands (SOMA), favourite mascara (Lancôme Hypôse) and pretty much everything but our men. (We've invested too many years training them to our personal requirements.) There's a section in my blog inspired by Oprah called My Favourite Things which I haven't added to lately and is now going to…

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