Paris can be more than a destination on a map

Every so often we come across a book that is a total joy to read, start to finish. That's what happened when I read Paris Letters by Canadian Janice MacLeod. It's a true account of her journey after growing up in small town Ontario to living an artist's life in Paris. Upon finishing university, she embraced the Madmen lifestyle, working in middle management as a direct mail copywriter for a major advertising agency in Los Angeles. After ten years of unfulfilling peddling on the corporate treadmill, she slowed down enough…

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Don’t get sick or hurt traveling outside of Canada

Now that baby boomers are reaching the age of retirement, many are choosing to escape Canada's crappy winters and migrate to Florida, Arizona and other sunny climates for a few weeks or months each year. We're taking boat cruises, visiting Europe and doing all the things we didn't have the time or money for during our working years. Notwithstanding "pre-existing conditions", we buy our out-of-country health insurance and off we go. Buyer beware. What happens when we're in a car accident, develop intestinal problems or suffer a stroke or heart…

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Fashion . . . are we in or are we out?

In my mind's eye I have the quirky fashion panache of Diane Keaton, the adorable personality of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, the casual savoir faire of the mature Lauren Hutton and the smarts of Samantha Bee. In reality, there's a significant spread between what I am and what I would like to be. Let's just say my fashion style is more aspirational than inspirational. In reality, I resemble the hapless middle-aged lady from the television commercial who falls off her exercise ball or crashes down from the…

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