Fashion . . . are we in or are we out?

In my mind's eye I have the quirky fashion panache of Diane Keaton, the adorable personality of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, the casual savoir faire of the mature Lauren Hutton and the smarts of Samantha Bee. In reality, there's a significant spread between what I am and what I would like to be. Let's just say my fashion style is more aspirational than inspirational. In reality, I resemble the hapless middle-aged lady from the television commercial who falls off her exercise ball or crashes down from the…

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Avoid these 6 fashion mistakes

Who am I to be offering fashion advice! Boomer gals have always been told "If you wore it once before, you can't wear it again". That's the beauty of listening to us—we've been there at least once, made our share of mistakes and are happy to dispense fashion advice to anyone who will listen. So, if you're willing to listen, I'm going to share six fashion mistakes I've made over the years and strongly suggest you not repeat them. Jumpsuits or rompers: Several decades ago, an old boyfriend gave me…

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Boomer girls just wanna look good

A couple of weeks ago I introduced Boomerbroadcast followers to a great fashion website and Facebook page for our demographic—Susan After Sixty. I've now found a couple more that I think you would enjoy: Style At A Certain Age Style Your Way to Success Over 50 The fashion mags continue to ignore our age group so I'm always delighted when I find fashion sites that offer some inspiration for those of us who aren't stick thin and six feet tall. Most of us have finally figured out what does and…

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