In praise of older buildings

Prince Charles and I have something in common. We're both interested in architecture and have no professional qualifications or particular expertise in the field to back up our opinions, but we have very strong opinions. He once described Mississauga's new city hall as resembling a prison and I'm inclined to agree. I'm a huge fan of old buildings being restored and recycled into new retail or residential space. My husband was saddened to learn recently that the old United Church he attended as a boy in St. Thomas, Ontario has…

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Gathering ’round the old radio

As a Baby Boomer woman who loves to read, there are two radio shows I don't like to miss as they both feature authors on a regular basis. The first one is What She Said which can be found on SIRIUSXM Satellite Radio, Channel 167 Canada Talks. It airs at ten o'clock in the morning on weekdays and is hosted by Christine Bentley, Kate Wheeler and Sharon Cady. In fact, yours truly was once one of the authors interviewed on their show. What She Said appeals to a wide audience but…

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