Are you swingin’ with your circadian rhythms?

Since I retired and am no longer subject to the tyranny of office hours (which generally averaged sixty hours per week), proposals and other work deadlines, getting up before daylight to negotiate traffic jams in a snowstorm and returning home again after dark, I’ve become unusually protective of my time commitments. One of the most […]

Is Wynne seeing the light?

  Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario has been making noises about implementing a compulsory pension plan for taxpayers of Ontario. Recognizing that all citizens are not adequately prepared financially for retirement, the Ontario government proposed a third layer of pension contributions in addition to Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan to help fill the […]

Where will you be in twenty years?

Remember the old and now politically incorrect adage, “If you want to know what your wife’s going to look like in twenty years, take a look at her mother.” Due a series of recent events in my life, I’ve now been confronted with what life as a Baby Boomer is going to look like in […]

Chick flick worth the trip – and not just for chicks

If you’re a Boomer Broad I can pretty much guarantee you’ll love the movie I’ll See You In My Dreams starring Blythe Danner (real-life mother of Gwyneth Paltrow as well as TV mom to Will of Will & Grace), Mary Kay Place (remember her as the Boomer looking for an inseminator in The Big Chill?), […]

Retirement definitely has its benefits

Mornings for most of the population are a stressful time. Getting yourself up, showered, dressed, fed and out the door on time is a challenge, more so if you throw school-age children into the mix. Then, you’re faced with sitting in your car for an hour seething about the construction delays in rush-hour traffic or […]

Breaking up is hard to do

Bette Davis is famously quoted as saying, “Getting old is not for sissies”. Retirement is a natural by-product of getting old. For some, it’s wonderful; for others, not so much. I definitely fall into the former category but for those who are forced to retire before they’re psychologically or financially ready it can be devastating. […]

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