Living the Golden Girls’ reality

As Boomers approach retirement, we're circling our wagons, in search of a landing pad that is functional, safe, fulfilling and sustainable. Some of us have branched off to follow children and grandchildren only to find they're too busy with their own lives to have much room for us. Many of us are colonizing with like-minded fellow Boomers who share our interests, value system, taste in music and social activities. We're moving into retirement bungalow communities or affordable condos with activity centres and handy amenities. These communities are, however, in short…

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Can we afford to go on living?

Two unrelated incidents this morning have given me cause to question the viability of life itself. At the risk of over-stating the cause for concern, please remember that most Boomers who are not already retired and living on a fixed income, will soon be doing so and should also be concerned. We did the best we could to save our money during our working years and now that our income is fixed and limited, I'm very worried that it's not going to be nearly enough to last us until, you…

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Building what we want

As you may have noticed, I have strong opinions on the type of accommodation currently being offered to Baby Boomers as retirement living (read my earlier post Build it and Boomers will come). With this in mind, there's a program running on HBO Canada on Monday night, July 28th called Still Mine which we Boomers might find interesting. It starts at 6:15 p.m. which is an odd time but if you'd rather watch the news (which is always a depressing experience) you can PVR it.

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