Music no longer rocks my world

During the sixties and early seventies, my entire life unfolded to the sounds of 1050 CHUM radio playing in the background. Jungle Jay and Bob McAdorey were my musical gurus. I woke up to Down in the Boondocks on the clock radio, made dinner to Donovan chanting Jennifer, Juniper or Tom Jones' Delila and danced on the weekends to every sixties song charting that week. Music was the energy powering my life. I can still remember the first 45 rpm record I purchased with an entire week's allowance of one…

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Gathering ’round the old radio

As a Baby Boomer woman who loves to read, there are two radio shows I don't like to miss as they both feature authors on a regular basis. The first one is What She Said which can be found on SIRIUSXM Satellite Radio, Channel 167 Canada Talks. It airs at ten o'clock in the morning on weekdays and is hosted by Christine Bentley, Kate Wheeler and Sharon Cady. In fact, yours truly was once one of the authors interviewed on their show. What She Said appeals to a wide audience but…

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