I couldn’t have said it better

I just came across a shared article on Facebook's Style Your Way to Success Over 50 written by Rebecca Huval in January 2017 entitled We've Forgotten How to Dress Like Adults which expresses the sentiments of baby boomer women and our relationship with fashion better than I ever could. I loved it and I think you will to. Here's the link: https://www.racked.com/2017/1/18/14112366/dressing-like-an-adult-sophistication What do you think? Do you agree with Rebecca? Click the “Follow” icon to receive automatic notifications of new BOOMERBROADcast.net postings. Feel free to share this blog post,…

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I want to see it in print. Is anyone listening?

As someone who plans to be a magazine editor in my next life and who is also an inveterate magazine junkie (18 subscriptions per month, at last count) I'm seriously concerned about the demise of print publishing. My morning newspaper is getting thinner and thinner. Chatelaine has cut back to bi-monthly and Macleans Magazine is now publishing monthly instead of weekly. I've lost my beloved MORE magazine which recognized and targeted our demographic, while Canadian Business, Flare and LouLou have stopped publishing altogether. So, when I saw a familiar Canadian…

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What’s with the falsies?

It's been more than four decades since I wore false eyelashes so I totally understand their current appeal. I even remember the name of the drugstore brand I preferred back then—Eyelure, applied with Andrea glue. They were long, delicate and gorgeous. Sometimes the weight of the lashes even made my eyes feel sleepy. Back then, I didn't wear glasses but if I had to put on sunglasses, the fake lashes annoyingly brushed against the lenses leaving little wispy streaks. I became expert at running a tiny ribbon of glue along…

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Sharing my secrets to buying a new problem-free laptop

For many of us non-techies, buying new electronics such as cell phones, telecom services or computers is an experience right up there with sticking needles in your eyeballs. As I detailed in a recent blog "Dear Mr. Gates", (click here to read), it's a process characterized by dread, stress, sleepless nights, and hours of calls to a third-world call centre where English is spoken only as second or third language, if at all.  Then, there's the outlay of hundreds or thousands of your hard-earned dollars, not to mention all the…

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A woman’s view of World War II from behind German lines

Whenever I finish a good book I'm often left feeling somewhat bereft. After being emotionally involved in the lives of the characters over a few days or whatever time it takes to read the book, it's hard to just "close the book". Even though The Women in the Castle, a New York Times best seller by Jessica Shattuck had a good ending, I still hated to finish. The fictional story about the lives of three disparate German women, Marianne, Benita and Ania is a look at World War II from the…

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Are the fashion experts crazy or am I?

Call me a bitch but one of my favourite old lady past-times is sitting in my LaZgirl chair mocking and debunking the fashion advice I see on television and in many 'women's' magazines. I love watching CITY TV's CityLine as well as CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show and The Social. I truly enjoy those shows but lordy lordy, am I the only one who thinks much of their fashion advice is a lot of hooey? To their credit, many of the models and makeover candidates featured have normal (a.k.a. not…

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