Never send your husband to the grocery store unsupervised. The sequel

Early cave men were traditionally known as hunter-gatherers, bringing home the wild bacon and mastodon steaks to feed their families after a rough day on the tundra. Their wives then took over roasting the kill over the family fire and kept the cave swept clean in case company came. Things haven't changed much as I discovered this past week with the tundra now replaced by Real Canadian Superstore. It's common knowledge among women (gained from years of experience) that men cannot be trusted in grocery stores. They take leave of…

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The Chicago Exposition still thrills more than a hundred years later

I first heard about The Devil In The White City on a trip to Chicago a couple of years ago with a busload of seniors, a.k.a. baby boomers. The tour guide recommended the best-selling book by Erik Larson and the title came up again in conversation with other book lovers since then. It's the true story of Chicago's efforts to win approval for the construction and staging of a world-class exposition that locals hoped would eclipse the Paris exposition famous for its Eiffel Tower. In the late nineteenth century Chicago…

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Boomers are singin’ a different tune these days

When Jim Croce sang Time in a Bottle in 1973, he wanted to "save every day 'til eternity passes away just to spend them with you". How I would dearly love to capture time in a bottle but now it's for general living. As an early baby boomer, I turn seventy this year. It's a big number and I'm now confronted with the horizon in ways I never anticipated. Remember when we were children and teenagers? We were always wanting to be older, bigger, further along the continuum of life;…

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DUNKIRK . . . was it good for you?

We watched Dunkirk on opening day in an IMAX theatre where the sound system vibrates your seat and unless you're sitting in the back three rows it's difficult to take in the entire panorama. The only thing missing was the sprays of water like you get in the Pirates of the Caribbean theatre in Disney World. In retrospect I wish I'd watched it in a regular movie theatre as my head kept bobbing around trying to take everything in and the volume level gave me a headache. According to the reviews…

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A tip of the toque to our good ol’ CBC

Our very own CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for my non-Canadian readers) has finally come up with some excellent television programs that I've been recommending to friends. Is it because the government has cut their funding and they're becoming more resourceful or did we just get lucky? Whatever the cause, we're the beneficiaries. I've been sending friends weekly reminders to watch three shows in particular that I love and thought Boomerbroadcast readers might enjoy them too.  I've always been a big fan of our particular brand of Canadian humour. It's smarter…

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I gobbled up The Edible Woman

It was probably the popularity of the television series The Handmaid's Tale based on the book written by Margaret Atwood that reignited my interest in her writing. I must confess though that I did not like the book when I read it thirty years ago. Just too weird for my taste, but I absolutely loved the television series and can't wait for season two. Perhaps I've evolved and I finally get it. In discussing the series with a friend who also disliked the book, I suggested she read The Edible…

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