From this day forth, all male citizens will be circumcised

Imagine if Parliament passed a law that required every male in the country to be circumcised. Or, what if getting a vasectomy required the written permission of the local Catholic priest, regardless of your religion. What would the reaction be if every male in the country was forced to undergo a rectal exam before he was allowed buy condoms. As bizarre as this sounds, that's exactly the kind of obstacles and unwarranted control over their bodies that women in the United States are now facing compliments of a reactionary, misogynistic…

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Caitlin Moran celebrates feminism

Ya' gotta love a woman who is so self-possessed, during an interview in front of hundreds of people in a packed auditorium, whips up her shirt and grabs her loose belly fat to make a smiley face, complete with eyes drawn on her bra. In the course of reading her book Moranthology (written five years ago) I viewed a couple of interviews on YouTube and Caitlin Moran did just that. One interview I watched was at our own Bluma Appel Theatre here in Toronto and the other was in Denmark.…

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Lena Dunham IS that kind of girl

I should say up front that I was a Lena Dunham fan long before I read her book "Not That Kind of Girl" so I approached it with a sense of eager anticipation. Prior to publication, Dunham received a hefty advance which generated bitchy comments suggesting that the book was probably over-hyped and would not deliver. After all, she's only twenty-eight years old and writes, directs and stars in her own HBO series Girls but how much does anyone really know at that age. So the content may be considered…

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Dear John: I love you

John's Doyle's regular column in The Globe and Mail is always an interesting read. Despite my cranky relationship with TV service providers, I genuinely enjoy watching television—well, certain programs anyway. I despise the usurious rates charged by the cable, internet and satellite companies which cost more per month than heat and hydro for my home and rank far lower on the scale of necessary utilities. Back to my buddy John Doyle, the Globe's TV critic. We seem to be like-minded in our television tastes and opinions. I don't like reality…

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TV or not TV – that is the question

My relationship with my television satellite supplier is a love/hate thing. Most of the time I hate them for the usurious monthly rates they charge – more than I pay for heat and hydro who provide a more valuable service. However, after years of resisting, I finally caved in a couple of years ago and (more…)

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