Where are real women in the media?

It's a man's world in the media. Earlier this year I wrote about SiriusXM radio cancelling my favourite women's programs (The Judith Regan Show, What She Said and The Martha Stewart Channel, click here to read Sirius, we have a problem). I'm seriously fed up with Sirius and wish they paid more attention to their women listeners. Then, in April of this year my favourite magazine MORE (for mature women) ceased publishing due to lack of advertising revenue (click here for It's time for some Boomer backlash). The dragnet is…

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Sirius . . . we have a problem

Once upon a time I thought paying fifteen dollars a month for a radio subscription was an absurd and wasteful idea. Then we purchased a vehicle that included six months of free access to commercial-free Sirius XM satellite radio and I became a convert—to the extent we now have three accounts, one for each vehicle and one for the house so I can pick it up on my iPad with a Bluetooth speaker. Being able to drive anywhere in North America without having to switch stations in search of a…

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Gathering ’round the old radio

As a Baby Boomer woman who loves to read, there are two radio shows I don't like to miss as they both feature authors on a regular basis. The first one is What She Said which can be found on SIRIUSXM Satellite Radio, Channel 167 Canada Talks. It airs at ten o'clock in the morning on weekdays and is hosted by Christine Bentley, Kate Wheeler and Sharon Cady. In fact, yours truly was once one of the authors interviewed on their show. What She Said appeals to a wide audience but…

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From Russia with love and deception

My interest in Russia and its people probably began when I first viewed Dr. Zhivago in English with Dutch subtitles in an Amsterdam movie theatre in October 1967. The music was haunting. The history is stark, brutal and complex. So, when I heard Peter Pomerantsev, author of Nothing is True and Everything is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia being interviewed by Judith Regan on Sirius Radio I immediately downloaded the book onto my Kindle. Pomerantsev was born in Russia and moved to England as a child with…

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