Let’s hear it for creativity and imagination

A recent article in The New York Times entitled How to Raise a Creative Child questions the merits of over-scheduling, over-programming and over-protecting children. Citing the emergence of natural geniuses like Mozart or Einstein, author Adam Grant questions whether their talents would have seen the light of day if they'd been channeled into strict parent-directed learning pursuits. Early displays of natural talents could be overlooked or squashed by a packed schedule of math tutoring, hockey practice or in today's world, too much screen time. Einstein once said "True sign of…

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Super Bowl versus Downton Abbey. Which would you pick?

Like so many other people, we attended an amazing Super Bowl party on Sunday night with an incredible assortment of food—different kinds of chili, wings, various chips, veggies and dips, every liquid libation imaginable, desserts, everything anyone could wish for. Our host and a friend had set up a ten-foot projection screen which gave all the guys in attendance a major stiffie. There was also a big-screen high-def television in another area showing THE GAME so it was visible from any vantage point. Sounds like a perfect evening, right? If…

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Spare the rod, spoil the child is today’s banking credo

Imagine this. Your parents scrimp and sacrifice to pay for your post-secondary education at a top university, seeing it as an investment in your future. You repay them by choosing to cheat on exams, to plagiarise an essay and purchase prepared top-graded papers on-line to guarantee a good mark. Unfortunately, you get caught but instead of expelling you for being dishonest and deceitful, the university rewards you with a prestigious degree, a top job in your field upon graduation and a signing bonus from your employer. Anyone that resourceful and…

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