Something is rotten in the state of America

After watching my usual Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO last Friday night, I went to bed with a pain in my stomach that hasn't gone away. His guests included Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Ana Marie Cox, Ian Bremmer, Jack Kingston and America Ferrera. Lt. General Flynn has served in the Middle East; he's educated; he seems like an intelligent person. But he's a Trump supporter and one of his advisors. So is Jack Kingston who was the U.S. Representative for Georgia's 1st congressional district in Southeast Georgia,…

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Lena Dunham IS that kind of girl

I should say up front that I was a Lena Dunham fan long before I read her book "Not That Kind of Girl" so I approached it with a sense of eager anticipation. Prior to publication, Dunham received a hefty advance which generated bitchy comments suggesting that the book was probably over-hyped and would not deliver. After all, she's only twenty-eight years old and writes, directs and stars in her own HBO series Girls but how much does anyone really know at that age. So the content may be considered…

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Building what we want

As you may have noticed, I have strong opinions on the type of accommodation currently being offered to Baby Boomers as retirement living (read my earlier post Build it and Boomers will come). With this in mind, there's a program running on HBO Canada on Monday night, July 28th called Still Mine which we Boomers might find interesting. It starts at 6:15 p.m. which is an odd time but if you'd rather watch the news (which is always a depressing experience) you can PVR it.

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Coming soon – Sensitive Skin

Mark your calendars and plan to enjoy a glass of wine while you watch HBO Canada on Sunday, July 20th at 8:00 p.m. That's the launch of a new Canadian series that's sure to appeal to Boomer Broads. "Sensitive Skin" is based on the original British series starring Joanna Lumley (one of my absolutely fabulous favourite actors) about a boomer-age couple who sell their family home and transition into a new lifestyle in a hip condo in downtown Toronto. Sound familiar? The series stars Canadians Kim Cattrall (of Sex &…

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TV or not TV – that is the question

My relationship with my television satellite supplier is a love/hate thing. Most of the time I hate them for the usurious monthly rates they charge – more than I pay for heat and hydro who provide a more valuable service. However, after years of resisting, I finally caved in a couple of years ago and (more…)

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