There’s no business like shoe business

You'll definitely feel less guilty about what you spend on shoes when you learn that design mogul Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. just shelled out $1.5 billion to buy Jimmy Choo Ltd. I know I felt vindicated when I compared that shoe purchase to my own weakness for buying too many pairs of FitFlops™. At least my brand of choice provides a level of comfort. Fabulous shoes are like little magic carpets. When we're wearing great shoes we feel like we can soar above the crowds. We achieve a level of…

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Bringing the world to your doorstep

Can't find an obscure item in the mall or hardware store, or perhaps you're just feeling lazy and don't feel like putting your face on to go out in public? Or, maybe what you're looking for isn't available in Canada.  Technology has brought us down the yellow brick road to a wonderful place called on-line shopping. Our love affair with on-line shopping has hurt bricks and mortar retailing stores but damn, it makes life so much easier. And with the poor customer service offered in many retail establishments, it's no…

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Birkies are back

All the fashion mags are currently featuring runway shows by big-name designers like Gucci with models wearing amped up Birkenstocks—yes, those comfortable earth-mother shoes once associated only with granola eaters and lesbians. My own reaction is when did they ever disappear? I'm reasonably cool and my Boomer girlfriends are über-cool and we've always loved to shop in the comfort of Birkenstocks, Mephistos or similar feet-friendly attire. We have about-town walking-out comfortable shoes and when our Birkies are past their prime they make great slippers for around the house. My own…

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The fashion world is a sea of “don’ts”

Fashion is a fickle mistress. And do not believe the so-called fashion experts and stylists know what they're talking about. I'm a huge fan of The Marilyn Denis Show but some of their fashion advice makes wonder what their fashion advisors have been smoking. Alexis Honce is an example of why Sears is going bankrupt. (And, she needs serious voice coaching to get rid of that ear-shattering nasal whine.) Marilyn, girlfriend, you have a great figure and we understand that you have waistline issues like the rest of us (especially…

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