What did you have for breakfast?

Our house is located at the end of an eleven-home enclave on a T-shaped street. It's tricky to find without specific instructions, particularly on a dark night. Naturally, little Halloween trick or treaters are reluctant to turn the corner where our illuminated pumpkin on the front porch confirms we're open for business on the big night. I particularly love the little ones who often look bewildered as they're being toted from house to house in the dark, wearing funny outfits they don't understand. We ate dinner early to be ready…

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What’s with the falsies?

It's been more than four decades since I wore false eyelashes so I totally understand their current appeal. I even remember the name of the drugstore brand I preferred back then—Eyelure, applied with Andrea glue. They were long, delicate and gorgeous. Sometimes the weight of the lashes even made my eyes feel sleepy. Back then, I didn't wear glasses but if I had to put on sunglasses, the fake lashes annoyingly brushed against the lenses leaving little wispy streaks. I became expert at running a tiny ribbon of glue along…

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Cheerios – not just for little fingers

General Mills is missing a major marketing opportunity. I keep filling out customer surveys from Kellogg's and other companies hoping someday they'll actually listen to me about consumer preferences. They continue to ignore my pleas to reduce the amount of sugar in breakfast cereals and instead choose to blatantly defy me by offering new 'honey-flavoured' or 'crunchy' product lines which is marketing speak for more sugar. For years I have been eating Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs which contain zero grams of added sugar, four grams of protein and only…

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