Is there really a Santa Claus?

Every boomer gal worth her salt in the sixties read the best-seller Sex and The Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown. Our lives were modeled around the latest COSMO decrees as our entire generation was creating a new world order. We also read Coffee, Tea or Me? about two high-flying stewardesses (as they were called in ancient times) living the swinging single life. There was even a movie and television series made of the book. We aspired to live exciting lives as modern gals enjoying beginning careers and the freedom…

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We’re living in a selfie-obsessed world

Is the rest of the world more confident than I am, more vain, more photogenic or simply more important? I rarely use my cell phone and when I do it's certainly not to take a picture of myself posing with my head strategically cocked at a 'cute' angle and a giant fake smile on my face. Am I the only person on the planet who fails to see the point in constantly taking pictures of oneself? Who actually looks at them? Who cares? I've watched tourists in the Hall of…

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