Where are real women in the media?

It's a man's world in the media. Earlier this year I wrote about SiriusXM radio cancelling my favourite women's programs (The Judith Regan Show, What She Said and The Martha Stewart Channel, click here to read Sirius, we have a problem). I'm seriously fed up with Sirius and wish they paid more attention to their women listeners. Then, in April of this year my favourite magazine MORE (for mature women) ceased publishing due to lack of advertising revenue (click here for It's time for some Boomer backlash). The dragnet is…

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What’s the deal with selfies?

The rest of the world must have a whole lot more self-confidence than I do or perhaps they're just incredibly vain because I totally don't get everyone's preoccupation with taking pictures of themselves, a.k.a. selfies. I've tried it a couple of times and after seeing the results I needed trauma counselling. It's one thing to look at yourself in the privacy of your own bathroom mirror but something else to see yourself how others do. Unfortunately, this aversion to selfies excludes me from a number of potential career and lifestyle…

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Sirius . . . we have a problem

Once upon a time I thought paying fifteen dollars a month for a radio subscription was an absurd and wasteful idea. Then we purchased a vehicle that included six months of free access to commercial-free Sirius XM satellite radio and I became a convert—to the extent we now have three accounts, one for each vehicle and one for the house so I can pick it up on my iPad with a Bluetooth speaker. Being able to drive anywhere in North America without having to switch stations in search of a…

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Mothers – make sure your daughters grow up to be coders

My favourite radio show is What She Said which broadcasts daily from 10:00 a.m. to noon on Sirius XM satellite radio Channel 167. I'm not able to catch it every day but when I do, there's always something worthwhile to listen to while I'm in the car running errands. Boomer gals would love it and their guests always stimulate my imagination. The other day Christine Bentley made a comment that resonated with me. During a discussion about the tech world and jobs for young people, she suggested everyone should learn…

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Better than British fans is something to be proud of?

When I first heard about the fate of the young men who made disrespectful and obscene comments to on-air CITY TV reporter Shauna Hunt who was covering a Toronto FC soccer match, my initial reaction was ambivalence. I thought that Shawn Simoes was treated a bit harshly by Hydro One when he was fired from his $107,000.00 per year job. Could they not have just given him an unpaid leave for a few months and hope he learned his lesson? In their defence, the young men cited British soccer fans…

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My 15 minutes of fame became 45 minutes

Your Boomerbroadcaster recently guested on Sirius XM satellite Radio show "What She Said" on CBC Canada Talks Channel 167. I was contacted by host Christine Bentley (formerly newscaster for CTV television network) and interviewed on November 12, 2014 by Christine and Kate Wheeler about my new book, BOOMERBROADcast. My segment was scheduled for fifteen minutes but it seems they couldn't shut me up and the interview lasted for forty-five minutes. The entire experience was a quite a thrill for this Boomer Broad. Sharon Caddy, Kate Wheeler and Christine Bentley have…

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