Live life in the present perfect

Jane Fonda chronicled her life in three acts in her best-selling autobiography Prime Time, with her current stage of life being Act Three.  We each have different ways of remembering, analysing and categorizing our lives to make sense of our journey. Retirement has also been broken down into three stages. The first, where many early Boomers are now, is when we have the resources to do what we've waited our entire lives for. This may include traveling, playing lots of golf or tennis, ladies white wine lunches or simply relaxing…

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The joy of menopause . . . the honest-to-goodness truth

Last week as I was watching Bill Maher on HBO, he invited author, speaker and performance artist Sandra Tsing Loh to join the panel at the half-way point in the show. This is usually when the new guest often has a book to promote. More than once I've enjoyed this part of the show so much I've gone on-line and ordered the book immediately and that's exactly what happened when I downloaded Tsing Loh's The Madwoman in the Volvo on to my Kindle before the show was even over. Subtitled…

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