What do you want to be?

When young people graduate, they are officially launched and become full-blown adults. Hopefully these two milestones occur simultaneously. But I keep reading about the stresses faced by young people in choosing their college or university career path. They demand greater support from mental health services to help them cope with the stress. How on earth is a teenager qualified to determine what he or she wants to do with the rest of their lives when they're still coping with acne, learning the ins and outs of the opposite sex and…

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Want the secret to a successful career?

If your grandchildren are planning to get a degree in Sociology, Women's Studies, Art History or Musicology tell them to forget it. They'll run up tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a degree that will never get them a job in today's  market and they'll miss out on an opportunity guaranteed to provide even more secure and profitable work than becoming an orthodontist. And it requires fewer years of education. While they won't be able to put "Dr." in front of their name, they will be able to…

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