Cheerios – not just for little fingers

General Mills is missing a major marketing opportunity. I keep filling out customer surveys from Kellogg's and other companies hoping someday they'll actually listen to me about consumer preferences. They continue to ignore my pleas to reduce the amount of sugar in breakfast cereals and instead choose to blatantly defy me by offering new 'honey-flavoured' or 'crunchy' product lines which is marketing speak for more sugar. For years I have been eating Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs which contain zero grams of added sugar, four grams of protein and only…

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Are the fashion experts crazy or am I?

Call me a bitch but one of my favourite old lady past-times is sitting in my LaZgirl chair mocking and debunking the fashion advice I see on television and in many 'women's' magazines. I love watching CITY TV's CityLine as well as CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show and The Social. I truly enjoy those shows but lordy lordy, am I the only one who thinks much of their fashion advice is a lot of hooey? To their credit, many of the models and makeover candidates featured have normal (a.k.a. not…

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Tim Horton’s franchisees aiming for a shoot-out

I knew it. I just knew things would go south (literally) when Tim Hortons was taken over by American parent company Restaurant Brands International. RBI also owns Burger King and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen. How can a company with holdings like those possibly understand what Timmie's means to Canadian culture? When the takeover happened in 2014, I was concerned Timmie’s would lose its Canadian identity and become just another amorphous American fast-food chain. In fact, I blogged about the issue in September 2015. Click here to read Is Timmies still a…

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Bringing the world to your doorstep

Can't find an obscure item in the mall or hardware store, or perhaps you're just feeling lazy and don't feel like putting your face on to go out in public? Or, maybe what you're looking for isn't available in Canada.  Technology has brought us down the yellow brick road to a wonderful place called on-line shopping. Our love affair with on-line shopping has hurt bricks and mortar retailing stores but damn, it makes life so much easier. And with the poor customer service offered in many retail establishments, it's no…

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Top 10 suggestions for Hudson’s Bay to survive

My love/hate relationship with The Hudson's Bay Company (comparable to Macy's in the United States) just took a turn. I want to scream "I told you so". When I heard the news they're laying off thousands of people in response to declining sales I felt an immense sense of sadness for the sales associates who work there at low wages and will be losing their jobs. But what about the customers? In all matters relating to retail, the number one factor that gets ignored in the equation is the customer.…

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The Price of Illusion exposes flaws in the life of luxury

A popular song from 1969, Where Do You Go To My Lovely (click here to listen) by Peter Sarstedt played in a steady loop in my brain as I was reading The Price of Illusion, a memoir by Joan Juliet Buck: "You talk like Marlène Dietrich And you dance like Zizi Jeanmaire Your clothes are all made by Balmain And there's diamonds and pearls in your hair, yes there are You live in a fancy apartment Off the Boulevard Saint-Michel Where you keep your Rolling Stones records And a friend…

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