Breaking up is still hard to do

As more of our generation is retiring, accepting early golden parachute offers or even sadly, being made redundant through restructuring, I thought I would republish a piece I wrote a couple of years ago. The message endures. Bette Davis is famously quoted as saying, "Getting old ain't for sissies". Retirement is a natural by-product of getting old and requires attention. For some, it's wonderful; for others, not so much. I definitely fall into the former category but for those who are forced to retire before they're psychologically or financially ready…

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How to prevent a cold . . . and not get fat

A couple of years ago I posted my personal treatment program for the common cold (Step right up, try my guaranteed cold remedy). I can now take that advice a step further and suggest how you can prevent getting a cold in the first place. And, in the course of my research it was revealed that my latest discovery has a marvelous spin-off benefit—preventing weight gain. In medical circles I think this is called "off-labeling" where a treatment for one ailment has an unexpected side benefit. That's what happened when…

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Gotham Steel’s pasta pot is really cookin’

If you've ever checked out the My Favourite Things section of my blog, you'll see I'm a fan of Bonne Maman raspberry jam, Red Rose tea, FitFlop sandals and a few other things. I can now confidently add something else to the list of items that I love. Perhaps you've seen the television commercials for the Gotham Steel no-stick, no-scratch cookware with the orange lining. Like most promotions, their commercials are annoying and make you wonder whether the products they're shilling are as good as they claim. When I saw…

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Is the fashion media still relevant?

As someone who is not rich, not thin and not young, I am not exactly in the cross hairs of the editors at current popular fashion magazines. Nevertheless, I love fashion and I love to critique Vogue's annual  'September issue'. Once a year I put on my probably-not-stylish bitch hat and go to work. The September issue is always a biggie—almost 800 pages—and requires an extra effort on the part of my mail carrier to get it my door. To his credit he also delivered my Restoration Hardware catalogues the…

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Hillbilly Elegy is a quite simply a must read

There's a reason Hillbilly Elegy, A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance has been on the New York Times' best seller list for several weeks. It's an amazing book. If you enjoyed The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, you'll love Hillbilly Elegy for the same reason. Some might consider Vance a bit young (he's only in his mid-thirties) to be producing a memoir, but many people including Walls and Catherine Gildiner who was the author of the wonderful trilogy about her early years, have lived…

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If I were in charge of the lottery system, ooh boy, there’d be some changes made

One person winning $758.7 million dollars, nearly a billion dollars in a single lottery is just plain wrong. That's what happened recently to Mavis Wanczyk, 53, of Chicopee, Massachusetts who won the Powerball in the United States, although she probably wouldn't agree with me. The history of lives being ruined by winning multi-million dollar lotteries is common knowledge. Most of us are barely equipped financially to handle more than our weekly pay cheque or perhaps an annual bonus at work. I know when I was working my annual bonus usually…

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