Music no longer rocks my world

During the sixties and early seventies, my entire life unfolded to the sounds of 1050 CHUM radio playing in the background. Jungle Jay and Bob McAdorey were my musical gurus. I woke up to Down in the Boondocks on the clock radio, made dinner to Donovan chanting Jennifer, Juniper or Tom Jones' Delila and danced on the weekends to every sixties song charting that week. Music was the energy powering my life. I can still remember the first 45 rpm record I purchased with an entire week's allowance of one…

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Want to waste hours of precious time? Try on-line help

Dear Mr. Gates: It's me again, Lynda, for the umpteenth time. This isn't funny anymore. Our friendship is really straining at its limits because you have ignored my earlier pleas for providing technology that works like it's supposed to. Two simple computer problems are driving me crazy and dipping into the on-line help sites is making me even crazier. I've wasted hours, entire days trying to resolve my issues through on-line manuals, user forums, manufacturers' websites and Google searches. The only result I'm getting is my hair falling out, I'm…

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Blessed are those blessed Christmas newsletters

December means it's time to brace yourself for those ubiquitous Christmas newsletters that make the rest of us feel like losers. You know what I mean. "Dear Friends: 2014 has been a crazy-busy year but we're still here to count our blessings. As you know Rob has been researching cures for cancer and we're expecting a major breakthrough any day now. The grandchildren are all doing well and we're so proud of them. Little Logan came top of his grade three class and blew everyone away with his theories on…

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Hot off the press in time for Christmas

Get a head start on your Christmas shopping and order my newly-published book, BOOMERBROADcast. Save wear and tear on your feet and your nerves by avoiding the mall and shop on-line using the convenient link below.        or for the Kindle Edition  

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