What’s the ultimate price for Loving Frank Lloyd Wright

Don't you just love it when you get into a book you can't put down, but at the same time hate to finish because you've become so invested in the characters' lives? Loving Frank by Nancy Horan is such a book.  Historical fiction based on the real-life love affair between renowned prairie architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Mameh Borthwick Cheney, Horan provides a sensitive and gripping description of their relationship beginning when Wright was commissioned to design and build a house for Edwin and Mameh Cheney in Oak Park, Illinois.…

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Megyn Kelly trumps it in career, life and love

I love reading about strong, successful women. Broadcast journalist Megyn Kelly of FOX TV's The Kelly Report and author of a new autobiography Settle For More is such woman. Kelly gained a great deal of attention during the 2016 Presidential debates in the United States for nailing Donald Trump with some tough questions. As everyone knows, Trump does not like being put on the spot or having his "truthiness" questioned. He responded by insulting Kelly, demeaning her professionalism, calling her a bimbo and suggesting she was disagreeable because she had…

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Better understand the challenges of Native Canadians on reserves

Sometimes we need to read a book that makes us feel uncomfortable and think about issues we don't ordinarily confront. Such is the case with Invisible North, The Search for Answers on a Troubled Reserve by Alexandra Shimo. I first saw her interviewed on The Social on CTV and found her story fascinating. The Toronto journalist temporarily relocated to Kashechewan, a reserve in northern Ontario that was in the news in 2005 when it was revealed their eighteen hundred residents were facing a crisis with drinking water contaminated with e-coli.…

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Where are real women in the media?

It's a man's world in the media. Earlier this year I wrote about SiriusXM radio cancelling my favourite women's programs (The Judith Regan Show, What She Said and The Martha Stewart Channel, click here to read Sirius, we have a problem). I'm seriously fed up with Sirius and wish they paid more attention to their women listeners. Then, in April of this year my favourite magazine MORE (for mature women) ceased publishing due to lack of advertising revenue (click here for It's time for some Boomer backlash). The dragnet is…

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Experiencing history through the occupants of The House By The Lake

The only thing I enjoy reading more than historical fiction is historical non-fiction and The House by the Lake* is one of those rare books that keeps you turning the pages even though you don't want it to end. Author Thomas Harding (the original family name was anglicized from Hirschowitz) chronicles his family's history in relation to a cottage in Germany built in 1929 by Harding's great-grandfather, Doctor Alfred Alexander. Located on a small lake about twenty-five miles southwest of Berlin in a town called Groβ Glienicke the cottage serves…

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The Bridge Ladies will resonate with Boomer women

Mother/daughter relationships are as complex and varied as the romantic kind. Some are loving, understanding and supportive. Others are fraught with angst, accusations and animosity, and many land somewhere in between on the spectrum. In her memoir The Bridge Ladies, Author Betsy Lerner mines her relationship with her own mother through the lens of her mother's bridge club women who have played together for more than fifty years. Lerner describes her childhood and growing-up years in terms clearly relatable to Boomer women. Where our mothers were circumspect, played by the…

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