Music no longer rocks my world

During the sixties and early seventies, my entire life unfolded to the sounds of 1050 CHUM radio playing in the background. Jungle Jay and Bob McAdorey were my musical gurus. I woke up to Down in the Boondocks on the clock radio, made dinner to Donovan chanting Jennifer, Juniper or Tom Jones' Delila and danced on the weekends to every sixties song charting that week. Music was the energy powering my life. I can still remember the first 45 rpm record I purchased with an entire week's allowance of one…

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Grandparenting Boomer-style

Hillary Clinton has recently been the target of much undeserved speculation about her ability and commitment to her future role as candidate for President of the United States. The reason? She's going to be a grandmother later this year. Was this an issue for Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan or any other President for that matter? Mitt Romney has an entire battalion of grandchildren but no one mentioned that as a liability. In fact, politicians often use their children and grandchildren as props in their campaigns. Being a grandparent today is…

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