Music no longer rocks my world

During the sixties and early seventies, my entire life unfolded to the sounds of 1050 CHUM radio playing in the background. Jungle Jay and Bob McAdorey were my musical gurus. I woke up to Down in the Boondocks on the clock radio, made dinner to Donovan chanting Jennifer, Juniper or Tom Jones' Delila and danced on the weekends to every sixties song charting that week. Music was the energy powering my life. I can still remember the first 45 rpm record I purchased with an entire week's allowance of one…

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Boomers – not yet antiques but not without value

Technically an item must be one hundred years old to qualify as an antique. But as I watched the Boomer edition of Antiques Roadshow on television the other night it became clear that while our childhood treasures may not rank up there with nineteenth century impressionist masters, our crap definitely has value. The special episode featured Baby Boomers and their off-spring bringing in items they found, inherited or simply claimed. One such item was a custom-made left-handed 1955 Fender Stratacaster electric guitar that had been ordered for the owner's father…

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Don’t never talk to strangers

Yes. It's a double negative, intentionally. Now that I'm retired and not rushing head-down in a panic all the time, I have more time to observe life and in particular, to people-watch. This new preoccupation has led to an increase in my engaging strangers in quick conversation which usually takes the form of a comment as I'm passing by. Food courts seem to be particularly conducive to making new friends. Yesterday as I was enjoying my fast-food lunch at Sherway Gardens, I kept watching the young woman sitting at the…

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