Bad Monkey, good book

When a male friend suggested I read a book by Carl Hiaasen entitled Bad Monkey I was somewhat reluctant. Scanning the premise on monkey1the book jacket, it sounded like guy story. Hiaasen resides in Florida and has written a number of books located in various southern cities including Key West and Miami. As I began reading I became increasingly concerned that I was getting into a Miami Vice-type story but I was urged to push on and I’m sooooo glad I did.

Bad Monkey is a well-crafted, excellently-written, funny story about a low-ranking police detective who suspects the discovery of a human arm on the end of a tourist’s fishing line is a potential crime rather than a simple and unfortunate shark attack. The story includes dozens of colourful characters whose lives intertwine in surprising and interesting ways. While the monkey has a rather minor role he is part of a common thread that pulls everything together and he really is nasty.

In fact, I enjoyed the book so much I’m going to read more by this author. Fun, fast read. And I didn’t even have to buy it. I downloaded it from the library. Bonus.

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