Brushing away wrinkles and imperfections doesn’t fool anyone

Kudos to American pharmacy chain CVS who recently announced they will stop using digitally altered images in promoting their beauty products. Helena Foulkes, President of CVS (it's no coincidence the initiative is launched by a woman) credits this decision as a response to "the bigger conversation women are having over their own level of empowerment". Foulkes rightly objects to being complicit in sending women a false message of perfection by digitally altering photographic images. The practice has the effect of diminishing women's level of self-esteem and generating feelings of inadequacy.…

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Who doesn’t enjoy playing house?

When boomers were growing up in the fifties and sixties, gender roles were more clearly defined than they are today. Little girls played with dolls; little boys played Davey Crockett. Little girls were Barbara Ann Scott; little boys were Maurice Richard. Sometimes we strayed into crossover territory though. I clearly remember cherishing my white straw cowboy hat with the chin cord and jeans with the Hopalong Cassidy patch on the pocket. And my girlfriends and I took great pride in being able to out shoot (toy guns were still politically…

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I couldn’t have said it better

I just came across a shared article on Facebook's Style Your Way to Success Over 50 written by Rebecca Huval in January 2017 entitled We've Forgotten How to Dress Like Adults which expresses the sentiments of baby boomer women and our relationship with fashion better than I ever could. I loved it and I think you will to. Here's the link: What do you think? Do you agree with Rebecca? Click the “Follow” icon to receive automatic notifications of new postings. Feel free to share this blog post,…

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Laundry rooms . . . premium real estate located in the wrong neighbourhood

Imagine a woodworking shop with the wood set up on a work bench in the garage or basement and the tools located in another room at the opposite end of the house. Or, what if your lawnmower and snowblower were stored in a shed a couple of blocks from your home requiring you to trek a quarter of a mile every time the grass needed cutting or the snow needed shoveling. That's a reasonable comparison to what home buyers are forced to accept every time they move into a house…

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Liar, liar, pants on fire!

A celebrity interviewer once asked Cher what quality she most detests in other people. Her answer was immediate and simple, "Lying." Cher holds honesty in high regard and the fact that that one question has stuck with me all these years later attests to its profound impact. I have always felt that lies, even tiny "white" ones have no place in daily life. Bear in mind that withholding the truth is not the same thing. For example, in order to not hurt someone's feelings, it's sometimes prudent to not tell…

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Multi-tasking is not the best use of time

Science is now confirming what we've long suspected—that multi-tasking is not only an overrated virtue but can in fact be counter-productive. Women in particular have been brainwashed to think we should be able to juggle work, home, community and social activity balls simultaneously and efficiently without dropping a single one in order to be deemed successful mothers, wives and human beings. Well, it's all bull crap. Multi-tasking only results in an outcome that is less than it could or should be. This realization prompted me to dig up a posting…

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