TV or not TV – that is the question

My relationship with my television satellite supplier is a love/hate thing. Most of the time I hate them for the usurious monthly rates they charge – more than I pay for heat and hydro who provide a more valuable service. However, after years of resisting, I finally caved in a couple of years ago and

Excellent read by Canadian author

What a pleasure it is to read a good book by a Canadian author. “#Road Ends” by Mary Lawson is set near #New Liskeard in northern Ontario and London, England in the years between 1966 and 1969. Road Ends chronicles the lives of various members of a small town family that includes

We’ll miss you, Phil

Baby Boomers are sad to hear today of the passing of Phil Everly, the younger of The Everly Brothers at the age of 74. I had the privilege of seeing them perform  three times – first in 1984 at what was then called The O’Keefe Centre in Toronto, again a couple of years later at Roy Thomson Hall and a bonus third time when they…

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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Here baby, there mama Everywhere daddy daddy . . . hair! Hair is a very complicated business whatever our type of hair – dark, fair, straight, curly, thick, thin. Whatever we have, we want the opposite.  Then there are the thousands of products available to supposedly give us the hair we’ve always dreamed of. Growing up, my whole family

Wait ’til the midnight hour . . .

Wilson Pickett had big plans back in 1965 when he suggestively rocked out “In the midnight hour”. He was “gonna take you girl and hold you, and do all the things I told you. . .” ? Fifty years later things are a little different. I’m embarrassed to confess we may be home in bed asleep when we hit the midnight hour this New Years’…

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