Art and music in perfect harmony

Normally I don’t even open the touchy-feely e-mails that frequent our in-boxes, but something about this one made me double-click.It’s Don Maclean singing his  famous song from 1971 written as a tribute to Vincent Van Gough, after reading his biography. I had not realized the source of inspiration for the song and it now touches me in a way not previously realized. Skip the ad…

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Boomer woman and Monuments Men

History was certainly not my favourite subject in school, which in retrospect I think was largely due to the quality of the teacher we had. History as it was taught in the 60s was largely something to be memorized and regurgitated on an exam with no understanding of the human side. As an adult

Sue Monk Kidd scores again

Movies adapted from books never seem to properly capture the nuances an author conveys with the written word. While the world enjoyed the movie, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” with Judi Dench and a great cast of talented Brits, it paled in comparison to the original book “These Foolish Things” by Deborah Moggach.

I’ve become one of them

We’ve all been on the receiving end of laments from individuals older than ourselves about how things were soooo different in their day. In addition to surprising myself by now reading the editorials and op-ed pages in the daily newspaper (it’s because I care),

All we need is love

The Baby Boomers are a demographic bulge that is hard to ignore – at least you would think so. Until you become a 50+ Baby Boomer. That’s when advertisers and marketers get stupid about the huge impact of our spending power as they continue to focus on the 18-45-age group. If we’re not ignored completely,

Olive oil – the real deal

Italy has been waging a war on fake olive oils with limited success but I came across some information that may be helpful to consumers to ensure we’re getting certified genuine extra virgin olive oil – not a facsimile that has been diluted with canola oil or who knows what else. Check out this website to bring yourself up to speed on the real deal….

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