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Weight Watchers


It only took 10 years but I managed to lose 25 lb. with the help of Weight Watchers. Every spring I would get fed up and join WW, lose a few pounds, gain two or three back but never reach my goal. Jennifer HudsonWell, it finally happened. This week I hit my mark and got a silver star and key chain for being such a good girl. I’ve always been a fan of their program which advocates healthy eating without deprivation. It’s easy to follow and while it’s not quick (my time frame is not normal) it is effective. I would average 1 lb. or 1.5 lb. loss each week which is sustainable.  The easy on-line tools include a points tracker, recipes and inspirational stories. I love that fruits and vegetables are now “free” (no points) so whenever I wanted a cookie, I would reach for a piece of fruit to satisfy my craving for sweets.

Now I’m on “maintenance” and I have to keep within a few pounds of my current weight. My reward is lifetime free membership to ensure I stay on track and includes weighing in once a month.

If you have a very “broad” sense of humour, check out Marjorie Dawe on Little Britain’s Fat Fighters You-Tube video:

3 thoughts on “Weight Watchers

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