Hair help

Thinning hair isn’t a surprise as we age but it is a huge disappointment and for many boomer gals it’s a problem. Those of us who were always follicley challenged spend great amounts of emotional energy, time and money trying to rectify the situation. I’ve tried zillions of kinds of volumizers, mousse, gels and you-name-it trying to achieve some semblance of thicker hair but my pale scalp keeps shining through. I wish I’d had more respect for all the shiny, healthy hair I had in my twenties.

The good news is I’ve recently had good luck with Moroccan Oil’s Root Booster. Despite the fact it’s produced by a company that specializes in hair oil, it does not make hair feel oily or heavy. I squirt it all over my short hair, work it in and it gives me a nice dry texture and holds a blow dry. The smell is not unpleasant but I do wish they had a fragrance-free version.

A can of this product lasts quite a long time and I prefer it over the various sea salt sprays I’ve been using lately as well as Aveda’s Phomollient styling foam that I’ve been loyal to for years.

Moroccan Oil’s Root Boost is not available in drug and grocery stores but can be purchased through hair salons. Or you can order it from Amazon by clicking here.